February 27, 2009

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Karen Young - Rendezvous With Me

She was known for her fiery, energetic vocal performances during the Disco era. She is best remembered for "Hot Shot" which originally came out in 1978. "Hot Shot" was re-released with new mixes in 2007, nearly 10 years after another update.

"Rendezvous With Me" was originally meant to be a followup to "Hot Shot", but it never saw a release and remained unreleased up until now. A fresh new production has been constructed and that is the MaxRoxx mix. It's Funky/Disco House at its best. The pianos and horns really work well. Zathan Radix's mixes are a bit harder. His have a really fun strings loop which does call to mind Moto Blanco's work. Paul Goodyear's mixes are even harder and darker. These are more circuit oriented. The core sounds resemble the original.

All versions utilize the vocals extremely well. Karen's vocal performance is really great. The vocals sound like they were recorded very recently. And the remix package is great as well. A little something for everyone.

Buy all of the remixes of "Rendezvous With Me" here (Perfect Beat's digital download store)

Grade: A


Unknown said...

Karen Young's vocal performance is off the wall. Nobody in disco ever could scat like her. First heard in Hot Shot and now in this unearthed treasure - Rendezvous With Me - she gets all worked up again! So glad MaxRoxx gave this song the chance to see the light of day finally, so we could hear Karen Young one more time! YAY! Fabulous!!

Unknown said...

There's gonna be a mix of Rendezvous With Me using the original tracks?

Unknown said...

That's good news. It would be the perfect addition to the already strong package.

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