October 31, 2008

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Darude featuring Blake Lewis - I Ran (So Far Away)

Yes. This is a cover of the A Flock Of Seagulls classic from the 80's. Finnish producer/remixer Darude known for the hits "Sandstorm" and "Feel The Beat" has teamed up with American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis on this cover. Blake Lewis was recently dropped by his label after his album Audio Day Dream failed to connect with the public. Singles "Break Anotha" and "How Many Words" didn't do that well either. It was pretty obvious that Blake would find greater success doing Dance/Electronic music. This is his second such song with Darude. They did this year's Dance4Life song as well. Overall, this cover is fairly well-done. There have been a few remakes over the years, however, none have really measured up to the original. The main single version doesn't pack the punch that the original does, but perhaps some of the upcoming remixes will make up for that. The digital single will be released on November 4.

Grade: B+


Toni V said...

darude did a remix for THE ANGRY KIDS of

this same song!, and now darude gets some

mofo to try an replicate the vocals....

"heard it through the grape vine" that darude

put a court injunction on THE ANGRY KIDS

from saying anything about this track...

hahahaha, what a p_ _ sy!


found a link for you to hear it...

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