April 30, 2015

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Madonna - Ghosttown (Remixes)

The second package of remixes of the power ballad have been released. Armand Van Helden, Mindskap, and Offer Nissim. Armand Van Helden's mixes are a throwback to the 90s and feature a Deep House production and a killer bassline, however, the majority of the vocals have been removed and the few that are there do not fit with the production. Mindskap's mix is in a similar vein, however, it has even less vocals. Offer Nissim saves the day with his two mixes. The first is the Drama mix which begins with a stunning orchestral intro leading into the first verse. This mix contains nearly all of the vocals. The mood of the original has been perfectly translated into remixed form with this one. The other mix has a proper intro and is just slightly harder and omits the first verse. This one feels more like a vocal dub. The Drama mix is easily the best mix of the song so far.

-Listen to the mixes on Madonna's YouTube channel

The remix EP will be released for purchase in mid May

Grade: A


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