November 11, 2014

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Nick Jonas - Nick Jonas (Deluxe Edition)

Nick's highly anticipated first solo album since splitting with his brothers Joe and Kevin has him shedding his squeaky clean image and taking on the role of the bad boy. Sex is clearly on his mind as evidenced by the racy photoshoots he did that were a homage to Mark Wahlberg's iconic Calvin Klein ad campaigns nearly 20 years ago. Nick has commented in numerous interviews that this album is meant to be suitable for playing in the bedroom while one gets down and dirty, and he was absolutely right. The R&B and Pop fusion that is the significant majority of the album has a distinct sexiness to it. The album is in the same aesthetic as Justin Timberlake's acclaimed first two solo albums. The album is strongly influenced by the work of Michael Jackson, Morris Day, Prince, and R. Kelly. Nick's voice is meant for music of this nature and he does a great job of showcasing all aspects of it. It is easily one of the best albums of the year. There are many highlights from the playful "Jealous" to the ambient "Chains" and the experimental "Numb." He does incorporate a little bit of 80s Synthpop on the hypnotic "Teacher" and the hooky "Wilderness." He also incorporates the 80s Power Ballad in the form of "Avalanche" with close friend Demi Lovato. Every song is a gem. "Teacher", "Wilderness", and "Avalanche" are begging to be future singles

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Grade: A


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