July 7, 2014

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John LePage feat. Niki Haris - Not Enough

This is indeed a remake of the Melanie Williams song of the same name from the mid 90s which was remixed by Junior Vasquez and Love To Infinity. Niki Haris delivers a fantastic vocal performance. She remains true to the original, though she did put her own spin on some of the notes. The main version produced by John LePage and Brian Cua is in a similar vein as the classic Love To Infinity mix of the Melanie version. It's a modern take on handbag House. There are additional remixes by Julian Marsh, NovoGain, Peter Brown, and Tony Moran with Warren Rigg. Julian Marsh's happy Hi Nrg inflected House mix is uplifting and pretty. NovoGain's big room, peak hour mix is anthemic. The soft yet moderately anthemic Peter Brown mix has an Ibiza House feel. Tony Moran and Warren Rigg's mix is also for the big room and circuit floors. Theirs is uplifting as well. Overall, every remix is wonderful, however, the NovoGain and Moran & Rigg ones are the standouts.

-Listen to clips and purchase here (iTunes)

Grade: A


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