November 26, 2013

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Cher - Take It Like A Man (Remixes)

After part 1 came out earlier this month, the second set of remixes by DJ Paulo with Alain Jackinsky, JRMX, and Tony Moran with Joe Carrano were recently serviced to DJs.

Paulo and Jackinsky deliver some really dark and synthy mixes that recall Peter Rauhofer's work. JRMX's mainstream Dance/Pop mix is in a similar style as the 7th Heaven mix. Tony Moran and Joe Carrano deliver with some hard anthemic mixes. They arranged their mix in a way that has lots of peaks and valleys in the energy level to play up the drama at just the right times. Every mix on this second set is great.

Grade: A


Matthew said...

I've been playing the 7th Heaven mixes out for about 2 weeks as an import and the crowd has been loving it! The 7th Heaven really keeps to the original chord structure and fun energy, unlike the other UK mixes, and I think people really love that. But the USA mixes really out did the UK release. In addition to the original 7th Heaven, Paulo & Jackinsky turn it out for the darker, tribally US circuit. And it will be a huge mix here in the states, as will Tony's mix. But I have to say, I'm in love with the Over The Top, Nu-Disco Mix. That is just a ton of fun! My disco bears are going to go wild for that mix. Well done!

DJ MichaelAngelo said...

agreed! TM mix takes the cake - now if only the label would put them up for sale like the Remixes Pt. 1 package, instead of relegating them to "promo only" -- Cher fans would really like to be able to support their diva and BUY THESE LEGALLY instead of downloading for free....WB we're talking to you!

Sean Garcia said...

All of the mixes are really well done. It's like in the 90s with her Believe and Living Proof albums where most of the singles had these huge packages with most or all mixes being pretty good.

I would love a CD maxi release for this even on a limited basis. The collectors would really want it. I would buy it.

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