October 22, 2013

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Katy Perry - Prism (Review)

This is the highly anticipated 3rd studio album serving as the followup to the massive Teenage Dream which spawned 7 consecutive hit singles. This album was reportedly meant to be much darker and introspective when it was first conceptualized, however, the darker elements have been toned down.

Here is an overview of each track:

Roar The #1 hit in which she tells her lover that she will be fine and be stronger than ever on her own opens things up setting the tone for the album clearly inspired by the breakup of her brief marriage to Russell Brand.

Legendary Lovers Things slow down just a little with the exotic Middle Eastern and Indian flavored song. The sensual tabla breakdown in the middle is so hot.

Birthday The innuendo heavy song is classic Katy. This is what "Hummingbird Heartbeat" was for her last album. All the little zingers on the midtempo are very cute.

Walking On Air Taking cues from 90s House music, this one is so very delightful, and speaks of the giddiness one can feel while in love.

Unconditionally A gorgeous powerballad that Jim Steinman would be proud of comes next showcasing a knockout vocal performance from Katy.

Dark Horse The psychedelic Hip Hop track is the only collaboration on the album. The otherworldly feel of the song is really exciting.

This Is How We Do The 80s inspired Synthpop midtempo is two tons of fun with the catchy chorus and delicious bubblegummy production.

International Smile Continuing the 80s trend is a song that could have easily been on Madonna's Like A Virgin album. The "ooh uh ooh" backing vocals in the verses are so pretty.

Ghost The "Bette Davis Eyes" styled midtempo gives the public and fans some insight into the breakup of her marriage: it happened via text message.

Love Me The standard Adult Contemporary fare ends up being the weakest song on the album despite the solid production and vocals.

This Moment The "Such A Shame" styled track also does not live up to its full potential. It feels really middle of the road.

Double Rainbow Things get back on track with this gorgeous ballad. This is easily one of her best vocal performances to date.

By The Grace Of God The stunning tearjerker ballad talks of initially contemplating suicide but ultimately deciding not to go through with it because of a savior helping them through difficult circumstances may resonate with some who have been in similar situations before or are possibly going through something like that right now.

Spiritual The Alanis Morissette-esque midtempo is the perfect next track to the heavier track that came before it.

It Takes Two This Pop/Rock midtempo about the dynamics of a relationship, possibly Katy and John Mayer's current one is rather thought provoking.

Choose Your Battles Things close on a bittersweet note with another song about relationships.

This is a strong collection of songs, however, the album does not really flow all that well as whole as there are so many different styles of music represented. The placement of "Unconditionally" is really odd in the first half of the album whereas the 3 bonus tracks also feel like they don't belong at the end. The latter two would have been more effective in place of "Love Me" and "This Moment" which are easily two of the weakest songs. The lyrics on nearly all of the songs are anywhere from good to incredible. None are cringe-worthy or lazy. The production sounds contemporary despite all the 80s and 90s throwbacks which are a nice break from the ubiquitous EDM sound that is all over radio right now. Those longing for the 80s and 90s might enjoy this. The album is full of great single choices. "Dark Horse", "Legendary Lovers", "Walking On Air", "By The Grace Of God", and "Spiritual" are some of the obvious ones.

Listen to the album here:

Purchase the album here (iTunes)

Grade: A-


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