June 19, 2012

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Cyndi Lauper - Sex Is In The Heel

Cyndi's latest release arrives just as the Pride celebrations get under way. This ultra campy track about shoes is from the upcoming Broadway musical Kinky Boots. The song's subject matter is unconventional indeed, however, it is so fun to hear as sung by Ms. Lauper. The song has a "Vogue"-esque 'rap' section. The original is produced by Rich Morel. He opts for an early 90s runway house styled production which is so apropos given the nod to fashion in the song's lyrics. Rich provides another mix along with Danny Verde, Honey Dijon, Jochen Simms, and RLP. Rich's Hot Sauce mix is darker and has more of an electro sound. Danny Verde offers a hard circuit-oriented mix, turning the song into a full on anthem. Honey Dijon's mix is tribal and drummy taking inspiration from the heyday of 90s X-beat mixes. Jochen Simms has a chill 80s sound. RLP's mix is similar with some pretty synths.  Overall, every single remix is wonderful with Rich Morel's original mix, Danny Verde and Honey Dijon's mixes being the best of the bunch.

Listen to streaming previews of the mixes here (MaxiPromotion)

Grade: A


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