August 13, 2011

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Joe Jonas - Love Slayer (Remixes)

This is the former Disney star's second solo single. After a midtempo, he is shooting for a club-oriented track to showcase his versatility. Vocally, Joe is surprisingly strong. The original is pretty club-ready, however, there are some remixes by Ralphi Rosario, Stephan Grondin & Alain Jackinsky, Static Revenger, and Jump Smokers which take the song to another level. Though Ralphi's mixes are in a similar vein as some of his recent mixes, this sound works perfectly here. The Stephan Grondin & Alain Jackinsky mixes are harder, and better suited for peakhour play. Their Vocal mix with early 90's rave pianos works better than the Tribal mix which feels a little too over-produced. The Static Revenger mixes have a tinny, gritty electro-house sound which somehow works. The Jump Smokers basically souped up the original version, making it a little more epic for the dancefloor. Overall, the Ralphi Rosario mixes are the best of the bunch.

Grade: A-


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