April 14, 2011

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Mory Kante vs Loverush UK! - Yeke Yeke 2011

Originally released in 1987, this international smash is considered a classic in many circles. This has been updated this year courtesy of Loverush UK!. Certain key elements of the original and the 1992 Hardfloor mix have been kept while freshening it up. There are additional mixes by Robbie Rivera, Rinaldo Montezz, Timothy Allan, Chris Sen, and Bluestone. Robbie Rivera's piano-drenched electro treatment starts off promising but doesn't really go anywhere. Rinaldo Montezz's Offer Nissim-esque mix is a little better, but works better as a radio edit. Timothy Allan's mix is basically a tribal/electro dub which has some good moments. The electro Chris Sen mix channels some of the Afro Acid mix from the original release. The Bluestone mix emphasizes the vocals, but isn't that exciting. The Loverush UK!, Rinaldo Montezz, and Chris Sen mixes are the ones to check out.

Grade: A-


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