September 28, 2010

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Taylor Dayne - Facing A Miracle (Remixes)

This was the official song that this years Gay Games VIII this past Summer. It brings dance diva Taylor Dayne back to the scene after a short break. "Facing A Miracle" is a midtempo synth-pop track in its original version. Although some of the lyrics may seem a bit cliche initially, Taylor's vocal delivery makes them more powerful.

There are some alternate versions and remixes for this by SoundFactory, Audio Assembly, and DJ MichaelAngelo & Gabriel Gates. The Pop Up Symphonic mix is a bit dramatic while the Electro African Groove mix adds some ethnic flavor.

SoundFactory's mixes are dark and anthemic. The club mix meanders a bit, and is rather busy at times, while the radio edit is more concise, keeping all the good parts. The key change feels a bit forced in the club mix. The dub bears only some resemblance to the vocal mix.

Audio Assembly's mixes have a milder, subtle production, allowing for the vocals to truly shine. The drums are really great. Additional DJ/production tools including an acapella are available too.

Finally, there's the DJ MichaelAngelo & Gabriel Gates mix. It's a Eurodance-styled mix with hints of trance, calling to mind Valentin's work. Overall, the whole package is really solid.

-Purchase the original and alt mixes here (Amazon)
-Purchase the SoundFactory mixes here (Juno)
-Purchase the Audio Assembly mixes here (Juno)
-Purchase the DJ MichaelAngelo & Gabriel Gates mix here (Juno)

Grade: A/A- (it's somewhere in between and A and A-, like a 97.5%)


DJ MichaelAngelo said...

hey man - thanks for the mention! :)

Disco Cowboy said...

No problem!! Congrats on your first, official, original production getting a release. It's so appropriate that it's for a Taylor Dayne release given how much of a fan and collector you are of her work. Can't wait to hear what you come out with in the future!

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