August 3, 2010

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Martin Clancy and the Witness Protection Programme - Flat Foot

This one has 'classic' written all over it. From the lush strings to the funky bassline and understated beats, this one has all the makings of something from the heyday of Disco. The vocals are great, complementing this retro jam perfectly. The main mix is pure Disco heaven. There are additional mixes by Stonebridge, Richard Morel, DJ Meme, Liam Bates, DJ Bander, and Louie Balo & Trakkula. Stonebridge toughens things up just a little while Richard Morel toughens it up a lot more. DJ Meme and Liam Bates both preserve the Disco atmosphere of the original while making it slightly more modern. DJ Bander vs. Floppy Kid's mix is sparsely produced keeping it to the bare minimum. Louie Balo & Trakkula's mix is a noisy, electro mix which doesn't really bring much. Also included is a mix called the Clancyhouse Elizabeth Jane mix which has an electro-tinged "I Feel Love" type production. Overall, the original, DJ Meme, and Liam Bates versions are the highlights, however, Stonebridge and Morel's closely follow.

Listen to the full original version here (MySpace)
Buy the vocal mixes here and the dubs here (Amazon)

Grade: A+


stacey said...

Great review will certainly check this out - the world need more electro disco!!!

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