October 3, 2009

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Frankie GoesTo Hollywood - Relax 2009

This is considered a classic in many circles. There have been several revisits to this song ever since the early 1980's release. Most notably the 1993 one by Jam & Spoon and then again in 2001 by Peter Rauhofer (and others of course). While an update of this nature isn't necessary, it's a great opportunity to introduce this song to a whole new generation.

New mixes by Chicane, Jody Den Broeder, LMC, Lockout, Spencer & Hill, and Scott Storch have been completed. Chicane may seem like an unusual choice, but he delivers a nice chilled mix which has a similar vibe as the original, but nice and modern. Jody's has some elements from the original. But it's mostly funky house. It's pleasant. The LMC mix is very true to the original. This is close enough to the original that it has the right amount of nostalgia, but brings something new. The Lockout mixes do the same thing as LMC's. A little less Euro-sounding. Spencer & Hill's mix sounds good during the beatless parts, but it's mostly electro-house-ish and not very fresh. Scott Storch turns this into a hip/hop club banger. It actually works. Overall, this package is quite good. A little something for everyone.

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Grade: A


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