July 13, 2007

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Angelique + Junior Vasquez = HEAVEN

Legendary NYC-based DJ/remixer Junior Vasquez has remixed all sorts of songs throughout his career and has always kept us guessing what's next. During the Arena era (circa mid 1995 till early 1998), Junior remixed several international records and made them shine on the dancefloor. He did a couple for Beninese artist Angelique Kidjo including "Shango" and "Wombo Lombo." And now he is taking on not one, but two of her singles. Mixes for "Salala" and "Arouna" have been completed. The mixes for "Salala" shipped to DJs a few weeks back. The hard, driving tribal mixes are a complete 180 from the soft, acoustic original. It's a nice hands-in-the-air, sing along anthem now. The majority of the vocals are Peter Gabriel's as he was featured on the original. Angelique's vocals are present for the choruses and ad-libs. The "change" in the second half of the mix is quite noteworthy. Very underground-sounding. And the synth riff from Junior's epic mix of "While The Earth Sleeps" by Deep Forest & Peter Gabriel is very nice as well. These mixes will be released in a few weeks through The Orchard for legal download. This is not your mother's World music. Check it out.

Grade: A+


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